Fun with Watt Meters

So I lied…no power supply article tonight.  We are going to talk about watt meters instead, because without one you have no idea how much electricity your Folding rig is slurping from the wall socket.  This is obviously useful for other things as well…if you are a nerdy engineer like me, you can entertain yourself for hours by testing the power draw of everything in your house.  Did you know it costs me five cents of electricity to brew a pot of coffee in the morning?!?

My Dirty Old P3 Kill A Watt Meter

My Dirty Old P3 Kill A Watt Meter

Anyway, the reviews on this blog will make use of the P3 Kill-a-Watt meter (above), and I suggest you pick one up as well.  They are only 20 bucks on Newegg, and that’s a steal for something that can tell you the supplied volts, power factor, power, current draw, and cumulative Kilowatt-hours consumed from attached devices.  It also is a fun way to nerd out in front of friends and family.  Seriously, you can test everything (well, not things like microwaves.  Those cause the little P3 to scream in agony due to exceeding its rated amperage handling capacity).  Finding hidden power draws and disproving manufacturer efficiency claims has never been so fun!  This will also help you to save money by realizing the value of turning certain devices off during the day, thus helping to offset your F@H addiction.

Anyway I am writing this on my phone (currently drawing 8 watts of power from the wall charger in case you care), so I’m not going to bother pecking in every last virtue of this nifty device lest my thumbs fall off.  The reviews on Newegg speak for themselves…P3 Kill-a-Watt meter for the win!  Get one!


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