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Blog Vision Going Forward / Join Our Team!

Nuclear Wessels (Team 54345) Folding Production Graph Feb 2014--Please Join to Make us Faster!

Nuclear Wessels (Team 54345) Folding Production Graph Feb 2014–Please Join to Make us Faster!

I feel I’ve now covered enough introductory material, so it’s time to start writing the type of content that will end up being 90% of this blog.  The next few articles will investigate the F@H performance and efficiency of various computer configurations.  Ultimately, I hope to have a page with charts of PPD/Watt for various CPUs and GPUs.  That will probably take a long time (it is a never ending project as long as F@H is operational).  But, I don’t plan to go back in time and look at every processor or graphics card since Fred Flintstone was folding.  I’ll stick to new parts that are available now.  In the next post I’ll do a quick comparison of new vs. old hardware, which should be enough to dissuade people from claiming efficiency with processors and graphics cards from two years ago.  I’ll also do a quick comparison of the uniprocessor CPU client vs the multicore SMP client to show that, for a 24/7 folding rig, it just doesn’t make sense to restrict yourself to 1 CPU core.  

Also, I’d like to invite anyone who wants to join a Folding@Home team to join ours.  We’re called Nuclear Wessels, and we are team # 54345.  We’re currently ranked 464 out of almost 220,000 teams, but the competition is crazy at the top of the Leaderboards, and Nuclear Wessels needs more power to break into the top 300!