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Ryzen Update / Consider Supporting my Writing (somewhat off topic)

For those following along, it might be a bit until I get the next article published on testing out CPU folding on the Ryzen 3950x. I’m doing a # of threads vs. PPD and PPD/Watt efficiency plot, but with 32 threads this will take a while. I’m running a minimum of 3 work units per test, to try and minimize the work unit variation. I also want to do this with and without hyper threading (SMT) on, to see the effect. So far, I’m seeing PPD of up to 400K, which is insane for a CPU!

In the mean time, I’m working on my other writing projects. For anyone who likes science-fiction, you can check out my free online web novel The Chronicles of the Starfighters over on Royal Road. You can also check out my books Sagitta and Hrain on Amazon. These are pulpy, science-fiction adventure stories (think Star Trek or Star Wars) with a teenage and / or alien protagonists. It’s a far cry from the non-fiction posts of this blog, but it is equally nerdy, I promise.

For those interested in supporting this blog, giving Chronicles a review or rating on Royal Road would be a great way to help me gain traction (honest reviews only please, I’m looking for feedback on what I can improve as well as what I do well).

Starfighter Promo

You can read more about my sci-fi writing projets at my other blog: https://starfightersf.com/

Finally, since I don’t have a Patreon (yet), anyone interested in donating to help me fund more graphics card purchases can consider buying a kindle book. Even if you don’t enjoy science fiction, you can gift copies to someone who does!

Kindle book links:

Sagitta (story about a human warp ship that changes the course of an alien war)

Hrain (story about a young telepathic alien who beats people up and stuff)

Thanks! And hopefully I’ll have that Ryzen data up soon.